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Social Impact

Sustainability for
the Environment

Based on the 3 million registered vehicles in Seoul, Idle for 5 minutes every day.It generates 6.4 tons of fine dust and 94,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.In addition, due to the recent sharp rise in oil prices, unnecessary oil expenditures due to idling have become a heavy burden on drivers.

Air pollution
by idling

fuel cost
by idling



Using battery control technology,
The problem of carbon emissions from existing fresh food
delivery vehicles is solved. We also intend to create social
and environmental values by applying our technology to the waste
batteries of electric vehicles that will occur in the future.

Somuna enables complete

upcycling of carbon ZERO

through eco-friendly technology


Reducing Carbon Emissions and reducing Oil Costs, Somuna creates social value

Total annual social value creation per HSBC installed vehicle